Diami Intellectual Property Co. Ltd. is a well known Intellectual Property agency based in Hong Kong. We thrive on deliver quality services to different sized corporations and institutions on Intellectual Property matters, assisting our clients gain commercial advantage through the registration, protection and enforcement of their trade marks. Our team consists of seasoned professionals and legal consultants with years of experience on assisting client to register their trademark in different countries and regions.
Not all trademarks are registrable and sometimes it is not a simple process to register your mark. Diami intellectual invite you contact us to obtain appropriate professional service and advice in relation to any trademark queries, searches, applications, registrations, renewal or disputes. We provide you with timely and clear advice to make the right commercial decisions in managing your trademarks.




What's Trademark?

A trademark is a sign that distinguishes the goods and services of one trader from those of others. It is also representing your company and business which may take years and many marketing campaigns to build up.

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Territorial protection of registered trademarks.

Trademarks registered with the People's Republic of China or trademarks registries of other countries do not automatically receive protection in Hong Kong and vice versa. In order to obtain protection as registered trademarks in Hong Kong, trademarks must be registered under the Trade Marks Ordinance (Chapter 559) and the Trade Marks Rules (Chapter 559A).

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Why register trademark?

Trademarks enable people to identify your product or service so they may become powerful and valuable business assets generating sales and revenue. They communicate the core value of your product or service and foster customer loyalty. Registering your trademark means that you have the exclusive right to use the trademark in relation to the goods and services for which the mark is registered. You may take legal action against others who are liable for infringement of your mark. If you do not register your trademark, it may be harder to prove that you are the “owner” of the mark and probably take years and huge expenses in lawsuit.

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Trademark vs Company Registration

Separate laws and systems regulate the registration of company names, business names and trademarks in Hong Kong. A company name registration at the Companies Registry or a business name registration at the Business Registration Office (Inland Revenue Department) is not the same as a trademark registration at the Trade Marks Registry. Thus, a business or company name registration does not indicate that the business or company has rights to use its name or a trademark in promoting or dealing in goods and services.

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Difference between " ™ " and " ® "

Commonly there may be a little sign " ™ " or " ® " aside the trademark, " ™ " represents that word or logo is used as a trademark while " ® " indicates that is a registered trademark in the region which is protected by trademark law. Thus, only registered trademarks are allowed to adhere the registration symbol ® in connection with the trademark.

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Nice Classification

How to classify your goods / services?

To submit an application for trademark registration, you need to include a list of all goods and services and their class(es) fall in which you want to register your trademark with. Below is the general classification under the 2013 version of the 10 th edition of the Nice Classification by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), used in Hong Kong with effect from 1 January, 2013

Click here for 10th Ed. of the Nice Classification

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Trademark Searches

Trademark Registration is a long time process which takes many stages to complete and usually may take more than a year ! Although a search result not necessarily same as the final examination result, you can still save time and trouble by finding out whether there is an existing trade mark similar to the one you intend to use. Diami Intellectual provides free trademark search service in some countries and gives you opinion and advice on your trademark.

Trademark Registration

A trade mark registration gives you the exclusive right to use the mark in relation to particular goods and services. After you raise an application for a registered trademark, the application is processed by the trademarks registries. Diami Intellectual can help you on completing and submitting your application with our trademark experts and local legal consultants. Our team also could provide appropriate advices if the trademark is rejected by the office or opposed by third parties.

Trademark Renewal

The validity of initial registration in Hong Kong is 10 years and need to be renewed six months before expiration if you wish to continuous use the trademark. The validity of registration varies amongst different countries from 7-15 years. If you are failed to renew before the deadline, your trademark would be removed from the record.

Trademark Transferal

Trademark owners have right to manage their intellectual properties and are capable to transfer or authorize others to use their mark. Diami Intellectual is glad to assisting you manage their trademark strategically and become a competitive edge to your company.

Copyright Protection

Copyright is an automatic right and arises when a work is created. Although there is no official registry in Hong Kong for registration of copyright works, there are voluntary registration in some countries, such as United States and China, to provide an official record for the works. It is a good way to prove your ownership and protect yourself in case there are any arguments.

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