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What's Copyright?

Copyright is a form of protection granted by law for original works of authorship fixed in a tangible medium of expression. Copyright arise automatically when an original work is created. Although registration is voluntary, it is recommended to establish a public record of the copyright holder's ownership and avoid unnecessary copyright disputes in the future.


Advantages of Registering Your Copyright and Trademark Together

  1. Protection across different goods and services
    Trademark registration is divided into 45 classes according to different goods and services, and registered trademarks are only valid within the scope of registration. However, if copyright is registered, the owner has prior rights on the logo and eligible to raise an objection against other trade mark application with the same logo under different classes. 

  2. Protection across different regions
    The protection of trademarks is regional, but the protection of copyright also automatically obtains copyright protection for works published in any member country according to the Copyright Law and the Berne Convention. 

  3. Protection of trademarks that still under application or have not been used
    Trade mark application period is usually much longer than copyright registration, and the copyright certificate can be treated as protection before the trademark registered. In addition, even the trademark is revoked because it is a non-used mark, the copyright owner can still prohibit others to use the same logo based on their prior rights. 



China Copyright Registration

Types of Works:    
Books, printed matter and other literary works; musical works; artwork (including logo designs); art performances; photography; audio-visual works and software code, etc.

Registration Process
Submit application materials > Registry accepts application > review and examination > issue registration certificate > Announcement

Time Required
1-2 months

Protection Period
Copyrights from natural person :  Life of the author plus 50 years
Copyrights from a legal person or other organizations : 50th years after publication of the work 




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